Country Musician Walker Tex Releases Powerful New Single 'I Ain't Playing Nice Tonight' Featuring Copper Kelly and Kenan Flannery

Country music fans, rejoice! Walker Tex has just released a new single that is sure to get your feet tapping and your heartstrings tugged. "I Ain't Playing Nice Tonight" is the latest offering from the rising country star, featuring the talented Copper Kelly on acoustic guitar providing Marty Robbins type runs and fills and Kenan Flannery on harmonica.

The song is all about the struggles of daily life and the people who make it harder, but it's also a reminder that there's always someone special who makes it all worth it in the end. With lyrics like "I've been grinding all week, punching that clock, dealing with the bosses and the ticking of the clock," the song captures the frustrations of the daily grind that so many of us can relate to. But it's not all doom and gloom, as Tex sings, "I'll raise a glass to you, my friend, for making the grind worthwhile."

Tex's smooth vocals and catchy melody are perfectly complemented by Kelly's acoustic guitar work, which provides some beautiful fills and runs reminiscent of country legend Marty Robbins. Meanwhile, Flannery's harmonica adds a touch of nostalgia and longing that perfectly fits the song's theme.

If you're a fan of country music, or just appreciate good songwriting and musicianship, you won't want to miss "I Ain't Playing Nice Tonight." You can find links to the song on various platforms at

With each release, Walker Tex continues to prove himself as a rising star in the country music scene. It's clear that he puts his heart and soul into his music, and his fans are sure to appreciate that. So let's raise a glass to Walker Tex, Copper Kelly, and Kenan Flannery for giving us a song that captures the struggles and triumphs of daily life in such a beautiful way.

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