Copper Kelly’s Latest Single

A self-penned track about telling a cheating partner to Get Gone! Recorded and produced by Copper, this song is a lively foot tapper and might be stuck in your head for a few days.

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Copper Kelly On Bale

About Copper Kelly

Copper Kelly is a country musician from Wexford, Ireland. He began playing guitar from a young age and began writing country music when, in 2017, he met the songwriter Dympna Walsh who handed Copper some lyrics.

He composed and recorded what came to be “Don’t Steal This Moment”. The single received a lot of airplay on Irish radio stations. The success of this single inspired Copper to write and record his own album Worthwhile Waste of Time which was released independently released February 2019.

A year on from the release of his first album, Copper has just released his latest single “Get Gone”.

Copper Kelly’s Music

Copper Kelly Full Quality Main Image

Some praise for Copper Kelly:

“Copper Kelly, from Wexford, has been getting a lot of requests. His music is sure to touch some hearts.”

Paul McBride – Presenter, Downtown Country Radio (Northern Ireland)

“A debut album offering a rip roaring mix of rock, country and blues, which is perfect ear candy.”

David Looby – Journalist, New Ross Standard (Newspaper, Wexford, Ireland)